Born and raised in New York, I received the BFA from Hunter College and the MFA from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts. I was a Professor of Fine Arts at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts from 1974 -2007 and exhibited my art widely and internationally. I have received numerous grants and fellowships supporting international art outreach, professional travel and multi-cultural research, and visits with indigenous artists, universities, museums, and other cultural institutions around the world with an emphasis on the Art and Culture of Polynesia and the Pacific Rim.

My art reflects the intertwined forces of nature and diverse cultures through form and medium. My interests in botanical forms, the living oceans, astronomy, and geological formations, are tied to contemporary and ancient civilizations. My art encompasses the dance, music, costume, architecture, spirituality, and mysticism of these cultures. I work in a wide range of media from natural fibers (sisal, fabric, paper), wood, and shells, to metals, mirror, carved wood, marble, and cast bronze. I also employ the lost wax process of bronze casting, as it reflects the richness of antiquity.

I love living on Kauai where the spiritual energy, magnificent beauty, and power of nature heal and are always a part of my art and me. I have received the Reiki Master attunement and hope to heal others through my art.